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PC Corrugated Sheet Making Machine

Short Description:

PC Corrugated Sheet Production Line with low price and the features of better weather ability,impact resistance and transparency,has been widely used for foofling,and ceiling.

Product Detail

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Technical parameter:





SJ120/38 Single screw extruder

1 set


Gear pump and T-die

1 set


Three-roller calendar

1 set


Cooling bracket

1 set


Corrugated forming machine

1 set


Haul off machine

1 set


Cutting machine

1 set

 Details Images

1. PC Corrugated sheet making machine: SJ120/38 Single screw extruder
(1) Motor: Siemens
(2) Inverter: ABB/Delta
(3) Contactor: Siemens
(4) Relay: Omron
(5) Breaker: Schneider
(6) Heating method: Cast aluminum heating
(7) Material of screw and barrel: 38CrMoAlA.

xiangqing (1)

xiangqing (2)

2.PC Corrugated sheet making machine: Gear pump
(1) Motor power:15kw
(2) Material of Gear pump: high strength steel alloy

3. PC Corrugated sheet making machine: T-die
(1)Product thickness: 0.5-1.2mm
(2)Material of Gear pump: high strength steel alloy

xiangqing (3)

xiangqing (4)

4. PC Corrugated sheet making machine:Three-roller calendar
(1) Roller length: 1300mm
(2) Max. Roller diameter: Ø400mm
(3) Line speed: 2.2 m/min

5. PC Corrugated sheet making machine:Cooling bracket

xiangqing (5)

xiangqing (6)

6.PC Corrugated sheet making machine:Corrugated forming machine
(1)corrugated shaping roller q'ty: 5 pcs
(2)No.1 and No.2 drive motor: 1.5kw
(3)No.3,No.4 and No.5 drive motor:3kw

7.PC Corrugated sheet making machine:Haul off unit
(1) Drive motor: 2.9kw AC servo motor
(3)Roller specification:Ф250×1500mm

xiangqing (7)

8.PC Corrugated sheet making machine:Cutting machine
(1)Motor POWER: 1.1kw
(2)Knife :2pcs

Final product:

chanpin (1)

chanpin (2)

chanpin (3)

chanpin (4)

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