Plastic Extruder Crusher Machine

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Plastic crushers are mainly used to crush various thermoplastics and rubbers, such as plastic profiles, pipes, bars, wires, films and waste rubber products.

Model Rotating dia Motor power Moving knives Fixed knives Rotating speed Crushing capacity
TFT-360 φ360mm 11kw 9 piece 3piecesX3lines 2 pieces 525r/ min 200-300kg/h
TFT-400 φ400mm 22kw 6 pieces 2 pieces 525r/ min 300kg/hour

Plastic Extruder Crusher Machine (1)

Model Output Knife Power
Profile 400 300-400kg/h 2 fixed knives, 5 flying knives 15kw
Profile 450 400-500kg/h 2 fixed knives, 5 flying knives 18.5kw
TFT 500 400-500kg/h 4 fixed knives, 25 flying knives 30kw
TFT 560 500-600kg/h 4 fixed knives, 25 flying knives 45kw


1. The extruded pellets can be directly used for extrusion or injection molding.
2. It has the characteristics of large crushing capacity, high output and stable working performance.
3. The crusher can be customized according to the requirements of different customers.
Plastic Extruder Crusher Machine (2)

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