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Arab Plast ended successfully

The Arabian Plastics Exhibition concluded successfully, further deepening the economic and trade cooperation between China and the United Arab Emirates. From December 13th to 15th, Chinese companies participated in the Arab Plast held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

 The exhibition is located in the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Zayed Road Conference Gate, Dubai, attracting many professionals from all over the world to participate in the exhibition and visit. Economic and trade cooperation between China and the UAE continues to strengthen, and China has become the UAE's second largest trading partner and the largest import and export trading country. The UAE occupies an important position in our country's investment in the Middle East, especially in Dubai.

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【Why Exhibit?】

·The gateway to enter the largest market in the region: The Arab Plastics Exhibition provides Chinese companies with an excellent opportunity to enter the Middle East, Africa and European markets, helping companies expand international markets.

·The core link connecting the entire Middle East, Africa and European markets: Exhibitors can use this platform to establish connections with industry insiders from around the world and promote one-stop promotion of products, technologies and services.

·One-stop promotion of new products, innovations, latest technologies and services to a global specific audience: The exhibition attracts many plastic product manufacturers, processors and users, providing a stage for Chinese enterprises to showcase innovative technologies and products.

·A unique way to explore and bring together advanced technologies and find specific solutions: Exhibitors can communicate with other professionals to discuss industry development trends and find advanced technologies and solutions.

·Meet decision-makers and build alliances: The Arab Plastics Exhibition provides Chinese companies with an opportunity to meet with industry decision-makers and potential partners to expand the scale and scope of their business.

·Increase brand awareness to stay ahead of competitors: Exhibitors can increase their visibility and competitiveness in the international market by participating in the Arab Plastics Exhibition.

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【Who Must Visit?】

·Plastic product manufacturers, processors and users: Visit the exhibition to learn about the latest trends in the industry and find partners.

·Raw material processors: Find new suppliers and partners to improve production efficiency.

·Traders and wholesalers: expand business areas and develop new products.

·Agents: Find high-quality products and expand market channels.

·Building and construction industry: Understand the application of new plastic materials in the construction field.

·Chemistry and petrochemicals: Explore opportunities for cooperation between upstream and downstream industries.

·Electrical/electronic engineering: Look for application scenarios of plastic products in the electrical and electronic fields.

·Packaging and Printing: Learn about new packaging materials and technologies.

·Government Officials: Understand the policies and development trends of the plastics industry in the Middle East.

·Trade associations/service organizations: Strengthen exchanges and cooperation with international counterparts.

【Which product is more popular?】

Plastic PVC HDPE PPR pipe extrusion line:

This type of production line has wide application prospects in the Middle East, and the market demand is strong.

WPC door panel extrusion line:

With the popularization of environmental protection concepts, wood-plastic composite materials have attracted much attention in the construction industry.

PET sheet extrusion line:

PET materials are widely used in packaging, electronics and other fields, and have huge market potential.

ASA PVC roof tile extrusion line:

ASA material has good weather resistance and aesthetics, and is suitable for roof decoration of residential and commercial buildings.

Participants in the exhibition include Africa and the Middle East, such as: India, Pakistan, Iraq, Algeria, Iran, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya...

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This exhibition attracted the attention of many professionals and enterprises and demonstrated my country's technical strength and market demand in the field of plastic processing. By participating in the exhibition, we not only deepened our cooperation with the Middle East and surrounding countries, but also provided strong support for Chinese companies to expand their markets and increase their international visibility. In future development, we will continue to actively participate in international exhibitions and help my country's plastics industry go global.

See you next time,Dubai!!!

Preview:We will attend Egypt Plastex in 9th-12th January 2024. See you in Cairo!

Post time: Dec-21-2023