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PVC Corrugated Pipe Making Machine

Short Description:

PP PE Corrugated Pipe Production Line design to make the material form easily with uniform plasticizing, high production speed, stable running and easy operation.

Product Detail

Product Tags

SJ30/33 6~10 10~12 20 12
SJ45/33 10~32 6~8 40 20
SJ45/33 25~50 6~8 70 30
SJ55/33 25-63 5-6 80 45
SJ65/33 25-110 4-5 120 60
SJ75/33 50~160 3-6 150 70

Technical parameter:

NO. Name Quantity
1 Single screw extruder with automatic loading device 1set
2 Mould 1set
3 Corrugated forming machine 1set
4 Chipless cutting machine 1set
5 Two stations winding machine 1set
6 Perforator 1set

 Details Images

xiangqing (1)

1.PVC corrugated pipe making machine:Single screw extruder

(1)Motor: Siemens Beide
(2) inverter: ABB
(3) Contactor: Simense/RKC
(4) Relay: Omron/Schneider
(5) Breaker: Schneider/Siemens
(6) Material of screw and barrel: 38CrMoAlA.

2.PVC corrugated pipe making machine:Mold

The mould is made of high-quality alloy steel, the internal flow channel is chrome-plated and highly polished, which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant; With the special sizing sleeve, the product production speed is hight and the surface of the pipe is good.
(1) Material: 40GR
(2) Size: Customized

xiangqing (2)

xiangqing (3)

3.PVC corrugated pipe making machine:Forming machine

The corrugated formig device can calibrate and cool the pipe from the mould.
(1) Structure Horizontal.
(2) Guide track material is 40Cr.
(3) Block seat material is 40Cr, nitrided.
(4) AC motor: 2.2KW x 1 set.
(5) Blocks is cooled by air cooling fan.

4.PVC corrugated pipe making machine:Cutting machine

(1) Motor power: 3 kw
(2) Method: Saw cutting
(3) Cutting scope: Customized

xiangqing (4)

xiangqing (5)

5.PVC corrugated pipe making machine:Two stations winding machine

(1) Two stations automatic winding unit without stopping.
(2) Torque Motor:4-6N/M or customizable.

Final product:

PVC Corrugated Pipe Making Machine (1)

PVC Corrugated Pipe Making Machine (2)

PVC Corrugated Pipe Making Machine (3)

PVC Corrugated Pipe Making Machine (4)



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3.Delivery time: 20~30 days.

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